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by building connections between artistry and global sustainability. VVP is a collaborative environment of dedicated entrepreneurs, bringing together minds from Ivy League universities, leading companies, and the streets of New York.


for the New Age Nomad who is awakened, moving through a physical & mental space energized by dynamic design, chaos, and transformation. This voyager creates a catalyst of movement, carrying our practice of self-autonomy, discovery and reengagement with high-culture into society & the environment.


MORE THAN a leather house. With meticulous design and marketing, our signature products enable us to reinvigorate society a little bit more. We believe that the heart of VVP is gratitude, which sustains a strong sense of purpose amongst creatures everywhere.

Intern a New Way

Offering a wide range of mentored, professional training, an internship with V V Patchouli enables students to bring their academic interests into a dynamic, real-world environment.

Located in the New York City metro-area, our interdisciplinary team works on the front-lines of the luxury design industry. As a young business, we also provide the next generation of leaders with immersive introductions to the mechanisms that propel a company in real-time. We are proud to say that our program offers a unique educational experience embedded within the hurried-heart of culture, nature and commerce.


    • Develop an understanding of the client’s business environment and strategy
    • Collaborate with our team to define project objectives, set key performance metrics, and establish project approach
    • Perform competitive analysis and identify gaps and opportunities in the marketplace
    • Contribute to business development and thought leadership activities
    • Working as part of a team with printers, copywriters, photographers, stylists, illustrators, other designers, account executives, web developers and marketing specialists
    • Working on layouts and art-working pages ready for print
    • Developing design briefs by gathering information and data through research
    • Proofreading to produce accurate and high-quality work
    Human Resources
    • Identifies hiring need and develops the position description
    • Posts recruitment on selected job boards
    • Conducts recruitments showing good faith efforts to broaden diversity
    • Ensures accurate and complete recruitment and selection guidelines and procedures
    • Assist marketing team across all functions including email, search marketing, media, promotions, partnerships and affiliates
    • Perform research, analyze and report on past promotions, events and brand activities to determine effectiveness of initiatives
    • Research industry trends, competitor activity, and conduct marketing research to creating executive presentations and reports of findings to drive strategic decision-making
    • Manage the ongoing competitor activity and cadence project
    • Create and maintain digital image files
    • Shoot interviews and weekly meetings
    • Publish work on company website and in the debut of the quarterly journal
    • Work as part of a team with designers, printers, copywriters, stylists, illustrators, account executives, web developers and marketing specialists
    • Writing reviews and working on projects
    • Collaborating with other environmental NGO professionals
    • Performing comparative analyses on chemical compositions of raw materials used in bag manufacturing process
    • Acquiring information and analyzing data
    • Creating blogs on latest environmental topics and interface with key departments to ensure the content captures Readers’ interest, while promoting the brand’s message
    • Streamlined career path towards research and product development
    • Think creatively to produce new ideas and concepts
    • Work as part of a team with copywriters, photographers, stylists, illustrators, other designers, and marketing specialists
    • Work with the design team
    • Develop our app and website
    • Design/develop the first brand journal with Creative Director/Owner & Design Team
    • Come up with topic ideas, and conduct research for the content
    • Provide content to brand’s vision books
    • Interface with key departments to insure the content captures Readers’ interest, while promoting brand’s message
    • Promote company objectives with each article