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At V V Patchouli we understand that not all classrooms are brick and mortar. Truth is, the streets are the best instruction money can’t buy. If you have the hunger and the spirit to master the chaos of the universe and harness its power as your own, then strive and prosper with us. We are a collective of nomadic artists who see no separation in dreams and reality. We don’t waste time, ours or yours. We built this brand from nothing and turned it into a global movement. If you’re worth needs to be fostered and nurtured, help us help you. We’re calling all students of life, come create your world with us!

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Students coming from universities all over the globe, find a wide range of mentored, professional training when interning with V V Patchouli. This company allows students to intertwine their academic interests with a real- world, creative environment. Located in the New York City metro-area, our interdisciplinary team works on the front -lines of the luxury design industry. As a blossoming business, we provide the next generation of dreamers and leaders with immersive introductions to the mechanisms that propel a company in real-time. This program offers a wide range of experiences and opportunities to work with others from all different modes. Come start create your world!

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