VV Patchouli's


The Greenhouse is a brand new building, designed by the VV Patchouli Design team, which acts as a sustainable platform and a social fabric for the community to engage with and create in.

Our Goals

Our team aspires to be a part of the front-runners in integrating new technology and innovations into Brooklyn's architectural landscape in order to create a greener future. Our current progress includes researching and planning for a hybrid greenhouse/co-working space which can also serve as a space to conduct various community events including music performances, gallery shows, cooking workshops, etc. Ultimately this space should serve as the main headquarter for the growing team of interns to collaborate in, and it is for this purpose that the design should reflect what VVP is as a brand especially since its recent revamp in implementing sustainable design practices.

Our team of architects and engineers are trained to be meticulous in their research and design works, making sure that every aspect of the building will be functional and beautiful. The V V Patchouli brand hopes to use their building as an experimental example of sustainable design and construction.


The net-zero energy building (NEZB) will include features such as solar panels and solar windows to generate electricity as well as a green roof that harvest rainwater which will be installed together with the wall fountain filtration system in collaboration with the Department of Scientific Innovations. Other custom designed features include the recycling & waste management system, a flexible coworking furniture design and most importantly the greenhouse lounge - inspired by the conservatories in the city's Botanical Garden. The goal is to build an autonomous building independent from the city's grid but capable of sustaining itself done through implementing various available technology to reduce the carbon footprint.

Additionally, the space will showcase the brand’s newly-developed furniture line. The place will be furnished with the in-house furniture designs, transforming the area to be a testing and retail space as well for these products.