Founder & CEO
V V Patchouli

Owner and founder V.V. Patchouli shapes her brand with the determination to create and sustain her own world, a world where symmetry arises from chaos into timeless designs. The journey to building a sophisticated environmentally-conscious, and innovative company began in 2012, when V.V. began apprenticing with fine leather crafts and furs. In 2014, her unwavering passion and tireless inspiration brought to life her first leather handbag, Nephilim. The adventurous brand lends imagination to style, and its designs are intended for the modern day nomad. VVP seeks to transform elements of the mind into stories that complement highly crafted bags. Exploring creation, universality , and the imagination, VVP engenders fresh new worlds of unique characters, art and consumer goods. By partnering with leather artisans, top NYC universities, up-and-coming designers, and artists world wide, VVP has launched itself into the ineluctable marketplace where dreams become reality and travel flourishes into art. VVP has generated opportunities for creatives of all types to do just that-- create their own worlds. Inside and outside the brand, VVP fosters innovative learning experiences, motivates the manifestation of dreams, and implements hands-on and transparent leadership practices to encourage the same creative energy that V.V. herself so deeply cherishes.



by building connections between artistry and global sustainability. VVP is a collaborative environment of dedicated entrepreneurs, bringing together minds from Ivy League universities, leading companies, and the streets of New York.


for the New Age Nomad who is awakened, moving through a physical & mental space energized by dynamic design, chaos, and transformation. This voyager creates a catalyst of movement, carrying our practice of self-autonomy, discovery and reengagement with high-culture into society & the environment.


MORE THAN a leather house. With meticulous design and marketing, our signature products enable us to reinvigorate society a little bit more. We believe that the heart of VVP is gratitude, which sustains a strong sense of purpose amongst creatures everywhere.

Intern A New Way

Offering a wide range of mentored, professional training, an internship with V V Patchouli enables students to bring their academic interests into a dynamic, real-world environment.
Located in the New York City metro-area, our interdisciplinary team works on the front-lines of the luxury design industry. As a young business, we also provide the next generation of leaders with immersive introductions to the mechanisms that propel a company in real-time. We are proud to say that our program offers a unique educational experience embedded within the hurried-heart of culture, nature and commerce.



img Caroline Sartono
img Antonio Lorusso
img Dheepthi Sundarajan
  • Dheepthi Sundarajan

Develop an understanding of the client’s business environment and strategy
Collaborate with our team to define project objectives, set key performance metrics, and establish project approach
Perform competitive analysis and identify gaps and opportunities in the marketplace
Contribute to business development and thought leadership activities

img Christian Lee
img Kay Zhang
img Diego Recht
img Siddarth Srikanth
  • Channprit Singh (Fordham University)
  • Rahul Goyal (Syracuse)
  • Jianbo Qiu (NYU)
  • Aashna Virmani (NYU)
  • Kwesi Selassie (NYU)
  • Reem D’Souza (NYU)
  • Ida Piyale (NYU |
  • Yamini Chandra (NYU |
  • Vinay Banpel (NYU |
  • Junyuan (Joe) Wang (NYU |
  • Sai Lahari Bommakanti (NYU |

Working as part of a team with printers, copywriters, photographers, stylists, illustrators, other designers, account executives, web developers and marketing specialists
Working on layouts and art-working pages ready for print
Developing design briefs by gathering information and data through research
Proofreading to produce accurate and high-quality work

img Emma Brown
img Roma Menon
img Shih te-sian( Lera)
img Ji Hyen "Lizzy" Lee
  • Susie Herbster (Pratt Institute)
  • Arielle Dabbah
  • Bingfeng Song (Pratt Institute)
  • Anna Lu
  • Alice Cabrera
  • Tanvi Thakur (New School)

Identifies hiring need and develops the position description
Posts recruitment on selected job boards
Conducts recruitments showing good faith efforts to broaden diversity
Ensures accurate and complete recruitment and selection guidelines and procedures

img Lubna Rehman
img Vruddhi Patel
img Pablo D. Vasquez
img Jack Liu
  • Yao Wang (NYU)
  • Jingtao Wen (NYU)
  • Colissa Johnson (NYU)
  • Brittany Cunningham
  • Gabriela Pflaumer (Columbia)
  • Hao-Fen Chiu (NYU)
  • Yiqing Ding (NYU |
  • Xin Wu (NYU |
  • Yiran Yang (NYU |

Assist marketing team across all functions including email, search marketing, media, promotions, partnerships and affiliates
Perform research, analyze and report on past promotions, events and brand activities to determine effectiveness of initiatives
Research industry trends, competitor activity, and conduct marketing research to creating executive presentations and reports of findings to drive strategic decision-making
Manage the ongoing competitor activity and cadence project

img Alisa S.
img Aanchal Ojha
img Ellia Ali
img Shifeng (Stanley) Song
img Hsin Chen
img Likitha Kumar
img Alexandra Sasha Einemer
img Qingyuan Wang
img Yue Zhao(Vicki)
img Wei Guo (Vicky)
img Bowen Huang
img Jialin Yu
img Sam Hou
img Juliana Coelho
  • Angela Luo (Syracuse)
  • Inwoo Kim (NYU)
  • Prarthana Suri
  • Sarah Beaulieu (Fordham)
  • Amanda Song (NYU)
  • Marin Warner (UPenn)
  • Aditi Vrudhula (UPenn)
  • Kelly Ann Bunchuck

Create and maintain digital image files
Shoot interviews and weekly meetings
Publish work on company website and in the debut of the quarterly journal
Work as part of a team with designers, printers, copywriters, stylists, illustrators, account executives, web developers and marketing specialists

img Justin Tomas de la Garza

Writing reviews and working on projects
Collaborating with other environmental NGO professionals
Performing comparative analyses on chemical compositions of raw materials used in bag manufacturing process
Acquiring information and analyzing data
Creating blogs on latest environmental topics and interface with key departments to ensure the content captures Readers’ interest, while promoting the brand’s message
Streamlined career path towards research and product development

img Hazel Donaldson
img Christina Plaza
img Edward Chen
img Gyuwon (Justin) Do
img Marra Burke
img Shivam Bhardwaj
img Swapnil Patel
img Usaid Khan
img Nishal Dapki
img Chunqing Xu
img Aleena Saeed
img Daavid Moseley
  • Tiffany Bai (NYU)
  • Zhuoran Zhang (Columbia)
  • Haibei Yao (NYU)
  • Ummi Shaikh (NYU)
  • Nikita Krishna (NYU)

Think creatively to produce new ideas and concepts
Work as part of a team with copywriters, photographers, stylists, illustrators, other designers, and marketing specialists
Work with the design team
Develop our app

img Hrishikesh Garai
img Andrew Chau
img Mahindra Persaud
img Troy Mei
img Anirruth Ragav
img Xiang Zheng
img Kamal S. Fuseini
img Joseph Kim
img Philip Jung
img Yifan Xu
img Xiang Zheng
  • Fei Lin (NYU)
  • Se Choong Kim (NYU)
  • Ciara McMullin (NYU)
  • Charles Zha (NYU)
  • Zhe Xu (NYU |
  • Ola Ekonomi (NYU |
  • Eddie Peterson (Fordham University |
  • Farhad Ahmed (NYU |
  • Yifei Wang (NYU |
  • Abrar (Abe) Rais (NYU |
  • Hrishikesh Garai (NYU |

Design/develop the first brand journal with Creative Director/Owner & Design Team
Come up with topic ideas, and conduct research for the content
Provide content to brand’s vision books
Interface with key departments to insure the content captures Readers’ interest, while promoting brand’s message
Promote company objectives with each article

img Patrick Zavorskas
img Allison Theresa McFarlane
img Alec Alaggio
  • Nick Garcia (NYU)
  • Alexandra Turner (NYU)
  • Chris Diaz
  • JP Tjelmeland
  • Allison McFarlane