We are a group of creative engineers
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     The Mechanical Engineering internship at V V Patchouli engages interns to utilize the concepts and skills they learn in the classroom in a real world environment while staying true to the brand’s identity. Throughout the internship, interns are given encouragement and a creative outlet to benefit the community with the supervision and the help from their peers. V V Patchouli creates the optimal environment for self-growth and learning.

Current Project: Portable Water Bottle with Filter

     Why water? Water is a fundamental need; the average person needs approximately 25 liters of clean water for drinking, cooking, and bathing every day. Water that is polluted isn’t just dirty; it’s deadly. Each year, millions of people around the world die from preventable diseases like cholera and diarrhea contracted from consuming polluted water. Today, there are an estimated 844 million people who do not have access to clean drinking water, and every two minutes, a child dies due to illness from dirty drinking water.
     During the summer of 2017, there were multiple natural disaster events in the United States and the Caribbean that highlighted the need for clean water during times of crisis. Seeing this problem inspired a group of engineers brought together under V V Patchouli’s new Scientific Innovation team to come up with a solution. The talented group of engineers formulated a three-step filtration process to clean and purify unsafe water to be drinkable. This kind of water filter would come in handy for people who need water on the go, are frequently outdoors, and prioritize emergency preparedness. The filter will be easy-to-use, fast, and lightweight yet durable for daily use. The filter will successfully cleanse unregulated water, leaving no aftertaste or odor and improving clarity and flavor. The final product will also be constructed BPA free and created with reusable FDA approved materials.