Editor's Note

Cheers, and welcome to the first Issue of Aquarius, The Journal, a product of the V V Patchouli world. Aquarius is a full-color, quarterly NYC magazine, published in both print and on-line editions, that inquires and reports on the life of a creative. The journal will appeal to artists, designers, nomads, and those who strive to create their own world on their own terms. Aquarius will focus on breaking down the conceptualizations that are the foundation of V V Patchouli. These conceptions being creation, chaos, transformation, movement, meditation, journaling, and art. In this issue we have a selection of prose, poetry, creative fiction, interviews, and reflections. Each issue is meant to inspire, educate, and advocate for causes we care about. We also love to engage conscious culture by highlighting individuals who are creating ideas and businesses that support local and global efforts. The work contained herein represents a collection of intelligence, thought-provoking exploration, and creative interrogation. It is a credit to the thinkers, writers, and artists contained within. I want readers to grow with Aquarius and share in it as a life philosophy and a safe space. We wish for our readers to delve into the thoughts and stories within these pages, and discover themselves in ways they’ve never imagined. More importantly, to not hand your life over to society’s standards. We sincerely hope you enjoy our first issue. Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns by emailing us at editorial.vvpatchouli@gmail.com. We are pleased to have you as a reader, and anticipated nomad! Dive in, move forward, think a little deeper, create vastly! Warmly, Allison Theresa McFarlane Editor-in-Chief