Designer, Nina Perdomo Talks about Genderless Fashion and Unlocking Your Truth


V V P: Why and how do you focus on genderless and the concept “love is love”?

NP: I feel like I can bring awareness with my brand by creating clothes that represent the concept of having no labels and being genderless. Genderless is important to me, because growing up growing up and trying to find myself, especially in fashion, was very hard for me, specifically, figuring out what made me comfortable and what I feel represented me. For me a genderless style is one thing that resonated with me. I felt it had diversity. People who have been following my brand for a while know what it means and represents, so when they are wearing my pieces they feel more confident than ever. It’s about being able to be yourself.

V V P: When were you able to unapologetically accept who you were and what you were going to wear?

NP: Maybe like 13 or 14. I always felt like an outcast and a little different from everyone around me. The moment that really changed for me, was when this guy from my neighborhood came up to me and asked me where I was from because I dressed so uniquely. It surprised me because I never really traveled the world outside of my neighborhood. Everyone was just so used to the same thing so when they saw something different, it was refreshing. It made me want to do it even more. It was like a confirmation and made me feel more confident in myself and made me feel appreciate myself for being different.  

V V P: Who is in Nina’s woman?

NP: My type? Brains, brains, and more brains, ambition, goals, and believing they have a purpose. I need to be with somebody that is within my realm creatively, someone that can understand some of things that I go through or at the very least, understand what I want to do, somebody definitely on my wavelength. Mostly, it's just about being in the moment. I never dug that deep with a person. For me it's just about being in the moment. It’s just easier to not expect things, and either let them happen or not happen. I’ve just had so many high expectations and when things didn’t happen it really affected me so, that’s why like to stay in the moment.

V V P: What is your biggest fear?

NP: Time is actually one of my biggest fears, not having enough time. Right now, for me it’s just about making it to an actual business. I want my brand to be a lifestyle brand. I feel like clothing for me is just the beginning and that my legacy will be something that speaks for itself. I’m just trying to find inspiration in all that I do. Even when I don’t always understand it, I try to figure out how to understand it.

V V P: How do you do it all alone?

NP: Right now, things are really picking up for the brand. I’m working on a collection,I’ve got investors involved and I’m building a team. I have people behind me now - getting more involved with the brand, and pushing me to bring more to the table and to produce. That was my biggest problem was before; I didn’t have a team, and people who were willing to invest their time in my vision. At one point it was just me doing everything. It's so hard motivating yourself and pushing yourself to remain focused. My team believes in me and my direction. It’s still not easy but it's definitely better than being by myself, and it’s more inspiring and motivating when I’m not the only one talking about Nina Pilar.