Dangers of Love

by ALLISON THERESA  Jul 8, 2017

Love at any level is so dangerous. Loving, either intact or in pieces, always manages to rip you to shreds all the same. Detachment seems an easy feat, a brush of the hair, a wink of the eye, and all is forgotten. When did we become so emboldened, as to fetch salt for another’s open wound while comfortably licking our own. We always kept track of the time when tragedy strikes. Why do we insist upon making excuses for the ones we know don't deserve us? Why do we fathom more than fleeting firsts with those who no longer hold forevers in their souls? Why do we go underground and overboard for people who take no better care of their own hearts than they do ours? Is it all a dream? A silly place where the heart goes to dwell when what we want and what we need don't agree? Is it all a dream when life seems to fool us into believing that we're not doing it right?